September 19, 2023

Engro creates a center to boost the agricultural sector

KARACHI: Engro Fertilizers Limited (EFL) has inaugurated the first Engro learning center to strengthen links between universities and industry and boost agricultural productivity, a statement said on Thursday.

EFL has established and officially inaugurated a solar-powered Engro learning center at Faisalabad University of Agriculture, he added.

A collaboration protocol has been signed between Engro Fertilizers and Faisalabad University of Agriculture to conduct research and development projects aimed at improving crop yields, food quality, farmer profitability and awareness programs. , and capacity building for university students.

This university-industry partnership aims to bring together expertise from both sectors to develop innovative solutions and skills-based programs that will uplift Pakistan’s agricultural sector.

Spread over two acres, the center includes a research center, a training room, an office and an agricultural input storage facility.

Punjab Agriculture Minister Syed Hussain Jahania Gardezi inaugurated the center with Engro Fertilizers Managing Director Nadir S Qureshi and Dr Iqrar A Khan, Vice Chancellor of Faisalabad University of Agriculture .

“Engro Fertilizers is passionate about transforming the agricultural landscape, bringing about change and empowering the farming community, a goal that can be achieved through such model industry and academic partnerships,” said Nadir Qureshi.

“The Engro Learning Center will prove to be a step in the right direction to equip farmers with knowledge about modern practices and technology that can help boost the agricultural economy and enhance food security in Pakistan. “

“It is our fervent hope that it becomes a platform for agricultural growth so that Pakistan becomes not only self-sufficient in nutrition, but also a home of agricultural export as it was there. is thirty to forty years old and is recovering his title of “granary of Asia”, he added.

Khusrau Nadir Gilani, Commercial Director of Engro Fertilisers, added that this partnership will strengthen the skills of young farmers and support the development of new technologies to provide farmers with sustainable “seed to harvest” solutions.

With this support, farmers will be able to prosper by improving the yields, quality and profitability of their crops, ultimately reaching the goal of building a more food secure Pakistan. The center will provide the knowledge and experience that will enable Engro Fertilizers to collaborate with more universities in the future.

Dr Iqrar A Khan said: “Linkages between academia and industry to commercialize technologies and conduct awareness programs are the need of the moment. I express my gratitude to Engro Fertilizers for its initiative to promote agricultural innovation and for establishing itself as a key leader in transforming the agricultural sector.