December 5, 2022

Ex-parliament candidate urges government to invest in agriculture sector –

Binta Jaiteh

Karamo Fatty, a former parliamentary candidate for Lower Fulladu under the United Democratic Party ticket, urged the government to invest more in the agricultural sector to end the poverty rate in the country.

Talk to The voicehe said: “agriculture is the backbone of all developed countries and farmers lack many tools and the agricultural sector needs competent people who have good experience in terms of defining programs that will stimulate our economy”.

According to him, agriculture should be well managed and all the materials that farmers need should be provided, including fertilizers and farming tools.

“I have a lot of experience in rice production in The Gambia so complaints from farmers are my concern. Water is one thing we need less to talk about plants. People who live in urban areas are suffering really water. Some even complain that the water used to be reddish in color. This alone is not good for the health system of human beings, so I think the government should try to consider the areas urban,” he added.

He went on to explain that the government and the Ministry of Agriculture should work hand in hand immediately to solve this problem because already harvested rice cannot be uprooted and rice left for two months without water will permanently destroy the paddy field and it can be a big loss. to farmers and to the country as a whole.

He also complained about the price of fertilizers which cost between 2,500 and 2,800 dinars, which he said is too exorbitant for the farmers.

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