September 19, 2023

President Sisi pays greater attention to agricultural sector – Quseir

Agriculture in Africa- CC via pexels/ Bamusiime Sylvia

CAIRO – February 14, 2022: President Abdel Fattah El Sisi is paying greater attention to the agricultural sector, given that it plays an important role in achieving food security for citizens nationwide, the minister said of Agriculture and Land Valorization, El Sayyed el Quseir.

Quseir said it was important to encourage applied research to help tackle climate change and its negative impacts on agriculture.

Egypt should do so in particular given that it will host a major UN summit on climate change (COP27) this year, the minister added while chairing the board of directors of the Agricultural Research Center Monday.

Quseir stressed the importance of scientific research in upgrading agricultural guidance services, achieving digital transformation and modernizing irrigation systems, in addition to promoting good quality seed production mechanisms and combating desertification and soil salinity.

The president of the center, Mohamed Soliman, meanwhile, reviewed its achievements and efforts in the various fields covering the fauna and flora at the national level as well as the production of vaccines and serums and the organization veterinary convoys to rural areas.